Deakin & Francis Enamel Penguin Cufflinks

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Deakin Francis Penguin Cufflinks Deakin & Francis Enamel Penguin Cufflinks

Warning! You never want the image on your cufflinks to be dressed better than you. So naturally you should only wear the Deakin & Francis Penguin Cufflinks with a Tux. I mean, the little guy pictured, is already dressed to kill.

In a tongue in cheek move, cufflinks masters, Deakin & Francis pay homage to natures most sartorial creature. Other than the picture, there isn’t anything particularly unconventional about these. They are a standard torpedo fit with a hinged back for easy fastening. In hardened stainless steel, this latest accessory from Deakin & Francis will have us chuckling all day. Available now at Harrods.

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