Brooks Brothers Alternating Shapes Tie

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Brooks Brothers Alternating Shapes Tie Brooks Brothers Alternating Shapes Tie

Add some bloom and color to your shirt with this alternating shapes tie from Brooks Brothers. The tie features a rich pattern on a flat field, with white shapes on a field of navy blue or dark red. The silk is woven in England, and cut into this 3 1/2″ width tie in America. Available online now.

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One thought on “Brooks Brothers Alternating Shapes Tie

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My guy is a complete brooks brothers type; however, he recently told me a very cute story about a Ralph Lauren Skull and Cross bones tie. This was available in 2005…

    I have been searching and searching for this particular tie.

    A lady at the store told me it was most likely black label, and I am seeing now it may have been purple label.

    Does anyone have any insight into where I might be able to find this? –Long shot, but I really want to get this for him!

    Much thanks for any help!


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