S.E.H. Kelly Rope-Dyed One-Button Blazer

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s e h kelly indigo blazer 1 S.E.H. Kelly Rope Dyed One Button Blazer

UK-based S.E.H Kelly presents its brand new Rope-Dyed Indigo One-Button Blazer. Inspired by classic indigo-twill workwear, the piece has been updated with a more modern fit and is handmade using rope-dyed indigo cotton by a mill in Northeast London. Compartmentalized pockets, concealed elbow patches and a beautifully tailored fit make this a truly stunning addition to any collection. As designer Sara Kelly says:

The most notable thing here is the material. No one has ever hand-woven indigo cotton on looms designed to weave tweed more than a century ago. And, besides the color — indigo, of course — we had little idea of how the cloth would turn out. We were pleasantly surprised. It is truly exceptional cloth. It looks a little like denim, but it feels and behaves like fine suiting.

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s e h kelly indigo blazer 2 S.E.H. Kelly Rope Dyed One Button Blazer

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