Belvest Unlined Shetland Blazer

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esq 05 belvest blazer 100311 nN267p xlg Belvest Unlined Shetland Blazer

Belvest has hit the nail on the head with this rustic, unlined blazer. The shetland fibre offers a traditional style harking back to the days when dressing to the nines wasn’t reserved specifically for ‘special occasions’, a time we are incredibly nostalgic for. What impresses us the most about this jacket is it’s versatility.  The marled brown hue of the blazer portrays a definitive charm that can easily be matched with a pair of dark denim or dress pant of any shade; the possibilities really are endless. Accented with a scarf and vibrant pocket square, this blazer becomes a quintessential piece within any gentleman’s fall and winter wardrobe.

Esquire has chosen the Belvest Unlined Shetland Blazer as part of their prestigious Fall Fashion Essentials List, providing a detailed account of the time and care put into its creation. Sitting at the steep price of 1095 USD, think of buying this quality jacket as an investment rather than merely a purchase, you will not be disappointed.

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