Denham Blue Blazer

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Denham Blue Blazer Denham Blue Blazer

As they call themselves “The Jeans Makers” we have to assume Denham’s name, is a play on the very word by which they stand. Although this particular jacket is not technically “denim,” it’s fabric is anything but ordinary. The ‘Tailor’ blue blazer is made from bonded sweat material, which means it looks more like raglan than a woven textile.

Completed with a branded, contrast buttons, ample pockets and an elbow construction, which encourages comfort, the high breaking blazer is a casual man’s alternative. Best with Jeans or khakis. Perfect for fall and available through Stuarts.

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One thought on “Denham Blue Blazer

  1. raglan (ˈræɡlən) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

    — n
    1. a coat with sleeves that continue to the collar instead of having armhole seams

    — adj
    2. cut in this design: a raglan sleeve

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