Farah – Norris Sportcoat

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Farah Norris Sportcoat 2 Farah   Norris Sportcoat

Despite receiving most of their kudos from the British, Farah actually began as a work ware company in the U.S. Following their early days of designing southwestern chinos and work shirts, Farah became the go to label for 60s mods and revivalists everywhere. In keeping with these sartorial roots, we present this Norris midnight check sportcoat.

This cropped single breasted jacket, (just the way we like it) in midnight, recalls all the fine detailing that made mods take notice. The classy mini check pattern can go with or without a tie, and easily trades between denim and dress pants. Being half lined, it is a perfectly light jacket for the warm weather. Available at Farah retailers including their pop up store at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Kinsey Road, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral.

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