A.P.C. Slim Ribbed Tie

For that classic 1960s look, pick this slim ribbed tie by A.P.C. Italian made wool with a simple black ribbed design makes this tie the perfect understated compliment piece. Consider pairing it with a solid grey suit and light blue spread collar shirt for a classically understated look. Available online now.

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Necktie

Urban Outfitters does something wonderful with the Urban Renewal Vintage necktie program. Taking surplus materials from closed and closing factories from around the world, and shipping them to their headquarters in the US, they’re refashioned into sharp looking neckties. They’re sold blind as either repp ties or polka dots, and you can order them online…

1901 Woven Silk Necktie

For a bit of that collegiate look, pick up this woven silk necktie in a classic blue and red stripe pattern, with crest print, crafted by 1901. Made of top grade silk in the USA, this would look spectacular under a fine white cotton oxford button down shirt. Available online now.

Lanvin Pearl Cufflinks

Lanvin goes luxe, with these pearl cufflinks, the perfect understated step to put that French cuff just over the top. With sterling silver used as the metal, the pearls are that perfect bit of low key luxury. Just as fine as diamonds, but not as ostentatious, they’re a wonderful cuff choice. Available online now.

J. Press for Urban Outfitters Collection

Classic American brand J. Press has teamed with Urban Outfitters to create a truly unique collection of updated prep classics. J. Press takes classic favorites from its archives and updates them for a more youthful twist. We can see slim fit khakis, a short schoolboy style blazer, and various collegiate accessories, like a Princeton tie…

Campbell Tartan Bow Tie by J. Crew

While most of us are unable to claim any real descent from any of the Scottish clans, that doesn’t stop us from co-opting their heritage, especially when it looks as good as this Campbell tartan bow tie by J. Crew. Made using woven wool from the Isles, this is a sharp way to add a…