Nick Bronson Striped Kitted Tie

Another retro knitted tie for the collection. Coming from Nick Bronson, the well priced neck piece is actually woven from 100% silk. Compared to his competitors, Nick Bronson seems to do this for much less. Squaring off the end gives this dandy accessory it’s ivy credentials. Pair it with indigo jeans, a hunting style sport…

Bromley’s Knitted Tie

Bromley’s makes a fine knitted tie in a fine green silk. A very rural looking tie, we can just picture this paired with a tweed suit as you walk across the cold glens of Scotland… or as you head down Park trying to hail a cab. Either works, and the versatility of this flat end…

Gentry ‘Sand Plaid Tie’

Watching the news last night, I have a hunch this fall will be rife with plaid ties. The traditional look of the tartan neck piece, tends to come around for a visit every few years. As men seem to be slowly moving away from the skinny tie, post mod, slim suit ideals of the last…

Brave GentleMan Jacquard Classic Bow Tie

Putting the ‘gentle’ back in ‘gentleman’ is no easy task, but the brave gentlemen at Brave GentleMan are up to the challenge. Take, for example, their jacquard classic bow tie; it’s made from organic cotton terry, is 100% vegan, and handmade in New York City’s garment center under fair labor practices. Impressive, no? Available at…

Georgio Armani Brown Wool Tie

New to the Armani FW collection is this brown wool tie. We still love the semi casual squared off look of a woven neck piece. This one is Italian made and with it’s contrast pattern, will punch up any earth tone ensemble, your concocting this winter. Available at Harrods.

Gentry 2011 ‘Williams’ Collection – Black Harringbone & Leather Tie Set

Made directly in Los Angeles, Gentry clothing believes that true beauty lies in the details. Hence, the dressy wear label has turned us on to their Holiday ‘Williams Collection’ for 2011. Several pieces of formal gear, make up the line of event and gift worthy items. Expect numerous suiting options, formal tuxedos and accessories galore.…

Turnbull & Asser Top Hat Tie

Turnbull & Asser produce some pretty swell accessories for the modern gentleman, such as this navy silk tie with a light blue top hat motif and diagonal stripes. Don’t be afraid of the cheeky, somewhat contemporary design, we guarantee it’ll be a hit at the next company picnic. Wear with a top hat & cane…

Burberry Cutout Check Tie Bar

From the always-classy Burberry comes this great cutout check tie bar for the few gentlemen left in the world who actually bother to wear tie bars. Featuring the iconic Burberry check print, the nickle tie bar is an easy way to spruce up an old suit & tie combo. Available now through Nordstrom.

J.A. Christensen for The Curatory Neckties

J.A. Christensen gives new definition to “completely hand made.” The upstart tie maker, cranks out excruciatingly small runs of his accessories, which are all individually constructed, on a single needle sewing machine. What’s more, Christensen globally sources his textiles, some of which date back to the 1930s. Seen here, is the latest tiny collection; a…

The Hill-Side X Monocle Cotton Ties

We’re finally getting a look at this collab between New York’s The Hill-Side and upscale taste makers, Monocle. In addition, to a matching set of pocket squares, the cotton ties come in either a 7oz indigo or a 4oz chambray. Still slim for fall, the new Hill-Side and Monocle accessories are now available.

Limited Edition Striped Ties by J.A. Christensen

J.A. Christensen is a small, independent tie-maker who crafts beautiful menswear in small amounts. Responding to a request by the Curatory, “a brick and mortar store located in Raleigh, North Carolina… started by Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko of Raleigh Denim” Christensen has made some wonderful striped and chambray ties for the shop. The ties are…

Deluxe Desert Camo Bow Tie

Wars are wrapping up, troops are coming home. Why not show some love with this Desert Camo bow tie from Japan’s Deluxe. The item pretty much says it all, but this one is fail safe, in that it appears to not have to be tied. Branded on the inside of the neck, the Desert Camo…

Barbour Wool Tie

Now this is some proper county, right here. The kings of rural outerwear, Barbour, deliver this gorgeous knit tie, in an olive coloured grain. Made from pure Shetland wool, this gentlemen’s neck piece is yet another example of Barbour’s brilliant country chic collections. New and available through End.

Public Opinion Burgundy Linen Tie

Public Opinion crafts this burgundy tone linen tie, the perfect accessory for your summer suit. A wonderfully light tie, this plaid tie is a very thin 2 3/4″ wide, making it a very stylish choice. Pair it with a white linen suit for a very cool, yet very classic summer look. Available online now.

Barneys New York Plaid Tie

The folks at Barneys New York go classic with this beautiful plaid silk tie. An Italian made tie with a bright purple and pink plaid pattern woven in, this is a lovely summer pattern, that’s available online now.