Antonio Azzuolo Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

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Antonio Azzuolo FallWinter 201221 Antonio Azzuolo Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

The Antonio Azzuolo Fall/Winter 2012 collection not only features a lot of handsome outfits but great design and aesthetics as well. The collection is avant-garde without going too far and the tailoring featured are in line with recent trends in terms of a looser fit that offers fluidity and movement to the outfits.

Features such as stitch distressing can be found on a few of the suit blazers, which looks pretty cool. There are also some Samurai inspired robes and jackets that showcase structure and be it a printed graphic, v-necks or half-zipped varsity, a theme of deep V-lined fronts are also seen in the collection.

Mixing recent trends with the brands’ own creative input is what all designers want to accomplish and Antonio Azzuolo does just that for the Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

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