Alfred Sargent ‘Ramsey’ Double Monkstraps

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alfred sargeant double monkstraps 01 Alfred Sargent ‘Ramsey’ Double Monkstraps

So I guess monkstraps are big again. Certainly a proven mens shoe style, the monkstrap seems to go in and out every few seasons. Thus, in keeping with the “dandificaction”, of our current menswear climate, the flashy look of the buckled shoe is making its presence felt once again.

Seen her is the ‘Ramsey’ by Alfred Sargent. Clearly a high end shoe, the cap toed, silver bucked, stack heeled slip-ons, have a leather sole and fine, detailed stitching. In a rich tobacco, the click-clack of these formal mainstays, will have at least a few heads looking down at your feet this fall. Available online.

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