GANT by Michael Bastian Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

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The MB Red H Bone Blazer GANT by Michael Bastian Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

For Michael Bastian’s GANT by Michael Bastian Fall/Winter 2012 collection, we see the designer moving into slightly new territory with his well-received and respected collaboration with GANT. Bastian took a trip down memory lane for his design inspiration for this collection, drawing from his preppy roots as a Boston college student in the 80s. Although, it’s the juxtaposition between his life as a prep student and the mod scene he was exposed to in college that led Bastian to imagine this collection as if it were designed for three friends — a preppy college student (himself), a cool mod chick and her rough boxer boyfriend. The final quirky element in the mix is a bit of good old Irish luck, which Bastian recalls from his days in college where there were a lot of Irish-Catholics present. To pay homage to his past, Bastian decided to put a shamrock embellished coin on all the hangtags in hopes of bringing good fortunate and luck to his customers.

While the whole idea behind GANT by Michael Bastian is to bring a more accessible collection to the younger customer, this line for Fall/Winter 2012 can very easily be viewed as a pretty complete wardrobe for the guy just out of college. With products ranging from luxe American sportswear to more refined Shetland wool blazers and knitwear, it’s not difficult to see that Bastian is designing a collection that can serve a purpose in a variety of social and workplace settings. Some of our favourite pieces include the bold red herringbone blazer, moleskin slim cargos and bright orange padded field parka.

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