Windsor. Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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Swiss suiting brand Windsor. have got a solid grip on what today’s young professionals are looking for in terms of suiting. The brand’s design ethos is simple: Make modern, luxurious garments for the guy who wants to wear a suit but isn’t forced to. And let’s face it, the conservative suiting market makes up only a small fraction of the modern working world anyway. The antiquated notion that heavy suiting is a sign of luxury is gone, and brands like Windsor. are embracing this shift from rigid dress codes to more a relaxed environment. Simply put, Windsor. are creating collections that fulfil the needs of many working men.

Windsor. really have done a bang-up job on their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, delivering on their promise to provide men with garments that are “worn by people who don’t read the lines on dress code policies.” Whether you’re looking for a sharp full suit or a few sport coats and trousers, they have got you covered. In their words, “A windsor. man doesn’t leaf through glossy fashion magazines, he publishes them.” Definitely some food for thought.

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