Indochino ‘Ultimate Grey Suit’

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Indochino Ultimate Grey Suit 01 Indochino Ultimate Grey Suit

Indochino is not known for their humility, and this ‘Ultimate Grey Suit’ from the clothier lets us know that they’re not above boasting about their tailoring prowess. And why shouldn’t they? This suit is cut from top quality Super 120’s wool, and features a classic mid fit cut. Get yourself measured online now.

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3 thoughts on “Indochino ‘Ultimate Grey Suit’

  1. Hi! I have seen this suit and I think is a great combination with the shirt and tie. I have tried to look for a similar tie but it´s being rally difficult for me finding something like that here in Spain. Could anyone help me and tell wich brand or model is that tie? Thanks!

    And of course, thanks for the site too. One of the best guide (or even the best) of greats suits and looks!

  2. Hey Jose,

    The tie just seems to be a plain brown silk tie. Without any particular markings or brandings on it, it’s going to be nearly impossible to identify. Similar ties ought to be available at any H&M location, or in the men’s section of any major department store. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly well versed in the retail world of Spain, so I’m not sure where else you could look for this piece.

    I’m sorry. Hope this helped,

  3. Hi Xiaoli!

    Thanks a lot for you answer. Finally I changed my suit for other darker of PDH (a brand of CH here in Spain) and I will buy a blue or red one.

    Anyone, I will take this look in other chance because it is a great look!


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