Video: Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

Emporio Armani present their spring/summer 2012 collection with a video directed by top photographer Alisdair McLellan, with creative direction by Emanuele del Fabbro, the brand’s artistic director. The video was filmed in Hong Kong, and features simple, very elegant garments in black and white.

Emporio Armani Fall / Winter 2011 Campaign

Here’s a look at Emporio Armani’s latest ad campaign for the Fall/Winter 2011 season. The piece features an appearance by Simon Nessman with photography from Mario Sorrenti. Sleek and sophisticated, the looks capture the essence of the Armani brand with solid lighting effects and even better design. Get excited for the upcoming season.

Emporio Armani Stainless Steel Dome Ring

We dislike how men tend to veer away from wearing rings besides old class rings (which we grow out of) and wedding/engagement rings (which are no fun), so we’re quite happy to present to you this Emporio Armani stainless steel dome ring. Not too flashy, not too understated, this ring has just the right amount…

Emporio Armani Crocodile Embossed Belt

Add some life and exoticism to your look with this crocodile embossed belt from Emporio Armani. A pure leather belt in jet black, the embossed surface gives the belt some real flavor as it simulates the appearance of lizard skin. A great way to add depth to a suit, it’s available online now.

Emporio Armani Navy Blue Two-Button Suit

For workaday basics, you’d be hard pressed to beat this navy blue two-button suit from Emporio Armani. A bit more pricey that you’re likely to expect a suit to be, the beauty here is the sheer versatility of this suit. Paired with a smart, conservative tie, and crisp white dress shirt, and it’s your best…