Thomas Pink ‘Circle Wheel’ Cufflinks

Adding a punch of color to a plain white shirt is as easy as picking up these Circle Wheel cufflinks from Thomas Pink. A silver plated base plays host to a wheel shaped enamel inlay, giving off a bright, colorful vibe. Available in plain grey, bright purple, and ruby red, online now.

Thomas Pink Coloured Collar Bones

There are items you often over look as being extravagant or just not necessary. Thomas Pink hopes that is not the case with these multi-coloured collar stiffeners. The collar stiffener or “bone” as it were, is a great little device for keeping the tips of your collar straight. Many better shirts feature tiny slip pockets…

Thomas Pink ‘Warren’ Cuff Links

Thomas Pink has been designing casual and formal clothing for more than 25 years. With this ‘Warren’ cuff link release, Pink keeps with his trademark use of plaids and gingham. What makes these fasteners stand out, is that they are actually made from an inlaid swatch of checked silk. Set in a zinc plated, base…

Thomas Pink Double Sided Silver Cufflinks

The camp at Thomas Pink has been hard at work, producing this pair of lovely silver double sided cufflinks. Featuring mother of pearl inlay on both sides of the chain, these smart looking sterling silver cuffs add a certain bit of appeal and charm to your look. Available online now.

Thomas Pink Silver Wing Cufflinks

Add a little bit of quirky charm to your cuffs with this pair of silver wing cufflinks from Thomas Pink. A small silver plated pair of cufflinks, these are a fine addition to a plain white shirt, giving your quite a bit of charm to a somber suit. Available online now.

Thomas Pink Spring / Summer 2011 Collection

Thomas Pink has sent over this look at the spring / summer 2011 collection. A stunning collection of finely tailored men’s pieces, the collection is firmly rooted in traditional menswear. The suits are classic pieces, with a beautiful glen plaid piece that we’d love to get our hands on. In addition, the line includes plenty…

Thomas Pink Keough Coat

Thomas Pink keeps you wrapped up warm and tight with the Keough, a classic men’s topcoat. Made of a unique brown wool with light overstripe design, the cut is slightly darted in the waist, creating a very traditional look. Available online now.

Thomas Pink Silver Cufflinks

Stay simple and minimal with these silver cufflinks from Thomas Pink. A simple double bar system with a small link between, the links feature engravings on either side, simulating the appearance of small ropes. Simple and classic, these cufflinks can be bought online, or in stores at Nordstrom now.

Thomas Pink Green Tulip Tie

If you’re looking for a great solid tie, look no further than Thomas Pink‘s green tulip tie. Made and woven in England, the tulip tie features a satin finish and a hidden slipknot at the back which prolongs the lifespan of your tie. Available now from Thomas Pink’s online web store.