Topman Grey Gable Waistcoat

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Top Man Grey Gable Waist Coat Topman Grey Gable Waistcoat

Often referred to as a “vest,” the waistcoat as it’s actually known, has been a formal staple for centuries. Traditionally worn under a jacket for warmth and dignity, the waist coat has seen a renaissance in the last couple of seasons as a stand alone item. Perhaps a bit casual on it’s own, worn with a tie, dress pants and dress shoes, the waistcoat is being seen more and more as a warm weather alternative to a full jacket.

This cotton polyester blend from Topman, features a high breaking five button design. With a satin-like back panel and black pocket trim, it bears all the formality of a charcoal suit. Plus, it can be mixed and matched with contrasting colours to create your own unique suit style. Available online.

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