Video: Glenn O’Brien Closet Interview for StyleLikeU

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orig tn photo 39101 262226 Video: Glenn OBrien Closet Interview for StyleLikeU

First off, if you’re interested in menswear and don’t know who Glenn O’Brien is, shame on you. O’Brien has led an extremely interesting life, and his résumé includes some of the most influential publications out there. Some of you probably recognize him from his monthly column in GQ Magazine under the moniker “The Style Guy,” where O’Brien dishes out valuable (and often humorous) advice on reader’s sartorial conundrums. If you haven’t already, I also highly recommend giving his book “How To Be a Man” a read. It’s the kind of thing that someday you’ll pass down to your son.

Check out this video with StyleLikeU below to learn a little bit more about O’Brien’s life:

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