J Lindeberg Kellan Dot Silk Black Scarf

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J Linberg Black White Dot Scarf J Lindeberg Kellan Dot Silk Black Scarf

This past weekend I was at what you might call a “hipster wedding.” Suffice it to say, everyone was dressed to the nines. One thing that caught my eye, were the dress scarves on some of the gents. Although we’ve seen them throughout the ages, catching several in one place, was quite striking.

So I went looking for scarves and found this latest from J Lindeberg. A soft polka dot pattern gives this piece it’s charm. Made from 80% wool, 20% silk, and 20% cashmere, the Kellan scarf is a tour through luxury textiles. Its rough edges gives it an antique look.

Dandy? Of course, but the best way to experiment with “dandyism,” is through accessories. Available online.

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