Norman Hilton Light Green Windowpane Tweed Sport Coat

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normanhilton20110813 0002 Norman Hilton Light Green Windowpane Tweed Sport Coat

This Norman Hilton windowpane tweed sport coat is the kind of jacket you might initially think you won’t get a lot of mileage out of due to its light green shade. But we’re willing to bet it will work with more shirt/tie combinations in your wardrobe than you might expect. Of course, solid collar dress shirts will work. But don’t be afraid to introduce another pattern (or two) into the mix with your shirt and tie. If you’ve got a holiday party coming up, why not try something a little more exciting than, say, a charcoal grey sport coat? Between the soft green shade of the jacket and the burnt orange and brown overcheck, you’ll be the guy standing out in the right way.

Imported Shetland tweed from Lovat Mills in Scotland. Undarted front with hooked back vent. Real horn buttons. True natural shoulder.

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