Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch Pack

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rolex hillary tenzing explorer package 00 Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch Pack

The sons of famed Everest explorers, Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing have launched this commemorative Rolex watch set. Aptly using the Rolex Explorer line, this is technically not a Rolex release.

Called the HTE, (standing for Hillary Tenzing Explorer), the three models come in a 36mm, 39mm, and 42mm cases. Completed with subtle fine details, leather straps and an overall antique feel, these gorgeous time pieces have all the spirit of a great adventurer. What’s more, each set comes in a wooden crate modeled after the very ones used by Edmond Hillary and Tenzing during their quest. The Rolex HTE watch pack can be pre-ordered here.

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