Forest of Gingko Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

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forest of gingko shoes 5 Forest of Gingko Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Leave it to an Italian label like Forest of Gingko to produce such a balanced & elegant collection in their first season. In a process we’ve never heard of before in all our experience, F.O.G. uses only the skin of fallen animals (ie: not slaughtered) for their footwear, so even PETA members can’t claim high ground over these beauties. Also in keeping with their environmental idealogy, all their soles are 92% biodegradable.

Overall, the collection is ethically minded without compromising on materials, construction, & most of all style. We can’t wait to see what this brand has in store for future collection. You can shop their Fall/Winter 2011 offerings at SlamJamItaly or Union LA.

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