Video: ETS Callatay ‘A Shoe from Start to Finish’

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ETS Callatay Vid Video: ETS Callatay A Shoe from Start to Finish

It’s always interesting to see how something is made, particularly when it comes to a finely made shoe like those produced by ETS Callatay. There are certain things mechanization just can’t account for, & when watching this video – produced by retailer LN-CC – one comes to appreciate the stunning final product that can come out of some simple raw materials & a few key tools in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

As LN-CC says, “These shoes are handmade from start to finish in Paris and all components are sourced in France. The full process from initial design, pattern making, model making and prototype production is run from their Parisian workroom and each pair of shoes takes 25 hours to hand make.” Watch this fantastic video below:

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