Burberry Prorsum Transparent Raincoat

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burberry prorsum transparent rain coat Burberry Prorsum Transparent Raincoat

No one get too scared. Admittedly, this might be a bit forward for Suitored but having never seen a “double raincoat” quite like this, we figured why not. Now, it’s not a total stretch considering how much love we give Burberry on Suitored, let alone our passion for raincoats.

This transparent slick is actually intended to be worn over your traditional raincoat for extra protection. Perhaps like rubber overshoes, Burberry has answered to those who need their outerwear to be as mint as the suit under it.
Make no mistake, this piece is pretty couture for a Burberry RTW line. With contrast black seams and a wild “fencer’s” like hood, you will indeed be regularly stopped and asked about it. Which we know you adore. Available this fall.

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