Club Monaco Spring 1 2012 Lookbook

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5 HD Club Monaco Spring 1 2012 Lookbook

Aaron Levine continues his reign on Club Monaco’s menswear design for yet another season. This spring you’ll see a return of the slim chino, quilted jackets, and a variety of cardigans and shawl collar sweaters. New this year is a boatload of collaborations with shoe veterans Tricker’s, Clarks and Rancourt. While the Wallabee has always been a classic as far as I’m concerned, they’re more or less going to get a boost in popularity the same way the Desert Boots did thanks to aid of Club Monaco. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this. What I am pretty amped for, though, is the penny loafers the brand will offering from Rancourt. I’m partial to the sand suede ones, but both the medium brown and dark brown cordovan loafers are great options, as well.

As with almost every Club Monaco lookbook there is a few misses — more in the styling department than the actual clothing itself — but it’s enough to point out. All the scarves this time around appear to be extremely long, which makes them jet out of a waist cropped jacket in a very unflattering way. However, the worst styling faux pas is the bucket hat that makes an appearance on more than one occasion. Perhaps the inspiration here was taken from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer? I don’t know. Sometimes I think lookbooks tend to be overly styled, resulting in goofy looks that should be taken with a grain of salt.

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