Gieves & Hawkes’s Blazer Room

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Gieves Hawkess Blazer Room Gieves & Hawkess Blazer Room

Gieves & Hawkes, one of the cornerstones of modern Savile Row, has opened the Blazer Room, a room dedicated to this quintessential piece of menswear, and a twelve blazer collection from the shop. The collection is inspired partially by Gieves & Hawkes’s history as an outfitter for the Royal Navy and British Army, with pieces such as the DB8 showing that. Moreover, each blazer purchased from the room allows the customer the opportunity to buy a limited edition handmade ‘Blazer’ tie, with a blue-and-red military striped design on it. A fine opportunity to take in some history with your tailoring, the Blazer room is at Number 1, Savile Row, London.

The Blazer Room at Gieves & Hawkes
1 Savile Row,
London W1S 3JR,
United Kingdom

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