Michael Bastian Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

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13 Michael Bastian Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Last year’s CFDA award winner, Michael Bastian put on quite the spectacle yesterday at New York Fashion Week as he unveiled his Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The inspiration behind his “Extra Man” collection came from an old New York Times article that was published in 1974 that listed the top 30 men the city had to offer. Men included in that list ranged from famous cartoonist Charles Addams to fashion designer Bill Blass, among others. The idea of compiling an unlikely guest list of these inspiring male figures gave Bastian the inspiration to draw from several different sources for his design inspiration.

From fine tailoring to whimsical puppy dog embellished sweaters, this collection once again shows Michael Bastian’s keen eye for detail and his sense of humour. If you look close enough, you might even recognize the return of a Bastian staple item — the paratrooper pant, done three different ways. While it’s too soon to say if Bastian will be walking away with another CFDA award, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he took home another one for this incredible collection.

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