Enzo Caruso Sports Suit

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What is a sports suit? Well according to Los Angeles tailor Enzo Caruso “The central idea behind the sports suit is the idea of “composito” (or composite). The idea is to “compose” a look by mixing and matching the sports suit’s different components with other pieces in your wardrobe. Carefully of course, rather than indiscriminately.” With that in mind, you can see the versatility of this suit as a something that can be worn at least a half dozen ways. From a full three-piece suit to wearing the pieces as separates, this suit is meant to be worn in a variety of workplace or social settings.

What’s neat about the trousers on this suit, is how Enzo added buttoned turn-ups to prevent bits of debris from getting caught in the inside of the cuffs. As you can probably tell, no details were left out when this suit was designed.

Thanks to Juhn at Sleevehead for suit images and material.  To schedule an appointment with Enzo call +1 310-452-5103. ‎

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