Topman Steel Blue Tonic Suit Jacket

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Topman Steel Blue Tonic Suit Jacket1 Topman Steel Blue Tonic Suit Jacket

It’s so nice to see a tonic suit back on the racks now and then. Tonic suits were an absolute mainstay for 60s hipsters. English mods and their various offshoots seemed to consistently gravitate towards the shiny, oily finish of the tonic concept. This steel blue one from Topman, is a great way to try out the historic style, for a very reasonable price.

What makes this double vented jacket a ‘tonic’ is the fabric used. Complimentary coloured threads, are woven in a particular pattern so that as the suit moves, it shimmers in and out of both colours. Although this may sound weird and flashy, it really isn’t at all. When done right, it gives a subtle and rich texture to the material. For menswear aficionados, this is a long standing tradition and one which should be tried out by every guy at least once in his life. The Topman Steel Blue Tonic suit jacket is available online.

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