The Knottery Lapel Flowers Winter 2011

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TKF001 01 The Knottery Lapel Flowers Winter 2011

You’ve probably noticed an increased interest lately from stylish gents accessorizing their jacket lapels with silk knots usually reserved for french dress shirt cuffs. But there are other options out there, like these lapel flowers by The Knottery, that will draw some visual interest up top and keep you looking fresh. All of the brand’s options are made from mohair and feature a beaded center. At a mere $8 USD, you might as well pick up a couple. But a word to the wise, the growing popularity of the brand is making picking up certain styles much harder compared to when the company first launched. If you like something, don’t second guess it. The odds aren’t in your favour that the items you’re interested in will be there upon your next visit.

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