Tom Anderson Titanium Cigar Punch

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titanium cigar punch Tom Anderson Titanium Cigar Punch

This is kind of a neat one for Suitored. Here’s the scenario: You’re at a black tie event, the very person you’re trying to impress, hands you a cigar. Do you bite the end off, A-Team style, or do you reach for something more classy than your own chompers. We suggest the Titanium Cigar Punch by Tom Anderson. The little, tube knocks a hole in the end where you smoke, leaving the stogie in tact and your mouth free of tobacco.

Cast form solid titanium, a cutter head is used to make the hole, while a “waste removal” punch pushes the bit out of the tube. Completed with a friction fit cap, this little accessory will impress just about anyone in the vicinity. Available online.

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