Club Monaco Fall 2 2011 Collection

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13 HD Club Monaco Fall 2 2011 Collection

Club Monaco is no stranger to suiting, and have been offering gents quality options at affordable prices for years. Their suits come in two very different fits: the “Kennedy” (full straight leg pant, relaxed fit jacket) and the “Wright” (tapered leg pant, fitted jacket with narrow lapels, higher button closures). It doesn’t take a genius to realize which option would be a better fit for your body type, but I’d stick to the Wright fit if you want a slimmer silhouette.

Their Holiday Collection has spawned two very different suits that would look great worn as separates in addition to be worn together. The Nash tweed suit is truly unique from what you’re used to seeing in its rich midnight blue shade. I’m willing to bet this suit is going to be a popular choice for men looking to buy a winter suit in a different option other than grey. However, if you’re more traditional, you might want to turn your attention towards the O’Riley grey herringbone suit. This option is foolproof, and if it’s cut similar to the one Club Monaco offered last year, you’re in for a treat. Little to no tailoring required!

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